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There are so many things that happen in daily life that are being ignored. Especially when repeating the same event again and again, like sunrise and sunset. Everything seems to be usual, not special or boring so people focus on their smartphone screen. The technology nowadays makes everything possible all on the screen.  My intended audience is to all the people who escape from the reality and focus on their phone. For an art student like me, everything around me can be an inspiration. Sometimes I would be like most of the people, listen to my own playlist, scroll through my phone or do some reading when I am too early for class. The other times, I would do nothing but look outside the window. The classroom that I am usually in, has big windows,  it is easy to get a lot of sunlight. I have a plastic pen case and once I drew the reflection of the moving sun and sky that I saw on it. The pattern of the reflection is way interesting than just looking out the window. The view I saw through the plastic pen case was always changing because of the material and of course, the time. The sun is setting, the Earth is spinning — time flies. When I look up the sky, there’s no shape because the sky is way to big to fit in my vision, but on my pen case, everything is in a circle, so the sunlight and the sky can easily fit in as a complete pattern.

I would like to dig in the colour of the sky, although it seems to be an endless list. The speed as which the sun rises and sets, how the clouds move, and the Earth spins. For the research of branding and identity, I would also check typography and marketing, too. 

The graphics area is the part that I would like to explore. I am thinking about studying branding and identity next year. I want to design my own brand and for the outcome of this project, I want to make my own T-shirt. I will need to scan in my drawing first, edit it on Adobe Photoshop, and bring to screen print workshop. I need to buy some T-shirt before printing, as well. The main reason why I chose T-shirt was because fashion is an easy way to do self expression. What I wear or how I dressed up, this is a nonverbal communication. Having my own designed T-shirt not only can express myself, but also remind myself.

I will imagine if I were a client or a consumer, would I buy the item that I designed or not. A personal artwork is based on what I like or what I feel, but a professional one should also consider how consumer would think. User experience design is one example. A professional designer should also know what people need and want. 

Reading list
novum world of graphic design 03.19 International Issue publisher: Stiebner Verlag GmbH, Germany


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