Outcome of Collection project

This outcome is made by Adobe After Effects. I scanned my sketchbook pages and edited on Adobe Photoshop before opening the files on AE. The story is about how my journey to Switzerland and barcode are linked together.

The elements of barcode are bars, that is why at the very beginning of the video, the camera go through a group of bars. After the camera went through the bars, there is a actual barcode that would lead us into the world full of lines. There are lines that are gradually getting curved, and the others are more like a contour map. Contour map reminds me the mountain I went with my Swiss friends. It was snowing on the top of the mountain. When the camera zoomed in and got really close to the mountain, it suddenly zoomed out by going through some elements that formed the barcode. The group of bars are a reminder of this video, because it is all about my barcode collection. At the end of the animation, everything except the barcode will disappear.

It was not successful at first, I remember the one I made at Lucy’s workshop was a disaster. The background was not big enough so that some black part was showing, the elements were not enough to move around and I did not know how to move the camera smoothly, so that video was just horrible. But since Trudi suggested me to also put this outcome in my portfolio for Central Saint Martins, I spent more time remaking again and again, until I think it is good enough to call this an outcome.


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