Collection Project

I collected tickets, boarding passes, luggage tags and receipt on the trip to Switzerland. I found that all of them contain at least one barcode or QR code that carry information about time, product, customers, and location.

After I came back to London, I tried collecting the rhythm of the tube. I have made sure all the lines are not touching each other, just like barcodes. The rhythm of the tube ended up looking like a contour-line map, and that’s an idea that I would like to develop further.

One more thing that I also want to combine with this idea is the music I listen to while I am on the tube.  There is a music application called Spotify, and there are a system that is also similar to the Global System One Barcode. People can scan the Spotify Codes to listen to that artist’s song or album.

Barcodes may all look the same, but each of the tiny individual dots matters.

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