The film ROOM directed by Lenny Abrahamson in 2015 and written by Emma Donoghue in 2010, was a story about a mother and her son living in a tiny room. She was captive by a man when she was young, and has been locked in the same room for 7 years. Her 5 year-old son called her Ma, and every night, the man who has captive her would bring her some supplies. Ma wanted to have Jack to see the world so she tried every way to let him go.

The film was first focusing on the things they did together in the tiny room, including watching television, reading storybook and doing exercise. Her son, Jack’s 5th birthday was only celebrated with a small plan cake that Ma made with the limited supplies, of course without any candles. Only Old Nick, the man who has locked them inside the room has the number code of the entrance keypad lock. He is the only person who can bring the groceries for the two.

While I was watching this film, I felt disgusted because of the miserable condition of their life. How can an innocent girl’s life be like this? Being locked in a same room for 7 years and forced to have sex with a man who captive you? Gave birth to a boy and the room is the only place he knew, no friend, no normal life and of course, no freedom. But Ma was such a strong woman that she decided to make Jack looks sick by covering his long hair with her vomit, rolled him in the carpet and pretend he died so that she can force Old Nick to take her son away by Old Nick’s truck. She did a rehearsal with Jack before the day, and he didn’t understand why he need to be rolled in the carpet again and again. Old Nick did what Ma said, he carried the carpet to his truck and drove away from the room. The escape was not perfect, Jack almost got caught by Old Nick, but at the end he still got the chance to see the world. Thanks to the pedestrian who’s intuition was right, when Old Nick tried to pull Jack back to the truck, that person knew something was wrong, and the police he called ended up arresting Old Nick and saving Ma from danger just by asking Jack some easy question a little by little.

I think Ma’s decision was correct. It is hard for a mother to let go the only child, but for her son’s good, she tried everything to let him go and see the true world. This film was realistic and it made me think about how to treat people. Ma was confined by Old Nick 7 years ago when he asked her to take a look of his dog when he was walking it. Should Ma refuse to take a look of his dog? This world is sometimes unfair. Treating people nicely — this is what my mother has taught me. What should people do to prevent these types of things happen? Such a nice film that helps us rethink about how important it is to live freely.

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