Connections between my collections

My three different collections are all from Switzerland. Keeping the physical objects such as boarding pass, ticket for a national park and some booklets from some local supermarkets were all a nice way to remember those places.  For the time-based collection, I brought 3 cameras and an additional lens, so I successfully snapped a lot of pictures not only at a famous sightseeing location but also at my friend’s mother’s atelier. I had been planning for this trip for quite a long time, since I was going to visit a Swiss friend, Luca, whom I met in Canada 3 years ago. It has always been my dream to visit a friend whom I made in another country again but in his or her hometown. I was so excited when he said that I can stay at his place, because it would be nice to experience the real life there. From the meals they have, the daily routine and the local languages, all of them were so different from what I used to have in Japan and Taiwan. I spent a week in Switzerland, although most of the time was with his family and cousins, I loved how we tried to understand each other just by using some easy english vocabulary and a lot of body languages. The day I arrived was his sister and father’s birthday, and they held a big family party, which ended up having more than 50 people at the party. I was the only person who was neither their family member nor Swiss, so everyone was so confused when I stepped in the room. But at the end of the party, I got closer to some cousins, and this made the whole visit way memorable then it could be.

Luca’s mother, Anna Maria was such a welcoming person, she put a lot of effort into making me feel like a member in her family. She took me to the supermarket and showed me how to cook some proper Swiss dishes and she let me helped cutting some name tag for the embroidery that she needed to finish sewing by the next day. She treated me equally as her daughter, and that meant everything. Her shop is called Palmieri’s Stickfadenmania, her job is to make customise embroidery jackets, towels, toys and so on… She said this is what she loves, she embroiders every single item with heart, and makes sure all of them are perfect. She trusted me so I helped cutting the name tag for Italian Sky Group. The experience was just above price, it was truly a great feeling when I can help her finishing her work.

After this wonderful winter break, I would say I collected memories. The memories in Switzerland. It was such a good way to start for 2019. Three different collections were all about the meaning of how important it is to live my life the fullest. The power to live and explore more. Not only the scenery was beautiful, but also the people there as well. This collections helped me live in the moment and enjoy my life the most.

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