Reflection of the Level 3 course

The interests that I have developed so far are using letterpress, Adobe software and making collage.

I have been to the letterpress workshop quite often, sometimes not even for using letterpress but just for having some talk with Klara and Andrew, the technicians there. I like to sit by the huge window in the workshop and usually Klara will take out her speaker so that I can be the DJ and play some relaxing music for everyone. Most of the time, Klara would be so busy that she need to deal with 3 or 4 people at the same time, but she would still squeeze some time and help me with what I am doing at that moment.

Before I was at collage, I have never used any Adobe software, first because of the price, second because I have iMovie and some other editors that were already included in the computer. But after I got in LCC, I tried Photoshop in class, and for postcode assignment I used InDesign and Illustrator, I want to learn more about these software so I bought Adobe Creative Cloud to make sure I can use whenever I want. During the winter break, I am planning to at least use two of them and make something for the required collection. By following the tutorial, I think I can make some basic stuff by myself.

For making collage, first I was confused and have no confidence in myself doing it, because I was scared to mess up the sketchbook. However, at the end of this semester, for the Tate modern visit, I did some collage using several material, and I felt proud of myself making messy but powerful outcome. The fear of making the sketchbook a mess was gone.

I applied for design pathway when I was in the interview, but since my interest was photography, I had more photos than other graphic artwork, so my interviewer put me into screen pathway. I do like photography, but that was also the only thing I have been doing for the past few years, so I wanted to develop new skills. That is why I suddenly decided to change my outcome from photography to poster for the very first assignment. I thought although I was put in screen pathway, I will still do what I originally wanted to study, and the choice of visiting letterpress workshop was such a right decision. If I did not get out of my comfort zone, I would not have explore all the wonderful ways to make my outcome in a different practice.

The book that my mother has sent me when I was down was about the importance of remaining  confidence of being myself. In this digital era, it is quite hard to not see others life or achievement and not to be jealous or anxious. Sometimes I would think about why I am feeling anxious and stressful without having any reasonable pressure on me, then I find out all of them come from social media. Maybe I saw the singer I like following a personal fan account for the first time, and that is totally not my business but I somehow feel bad. I should focus on what I have and what I can do to make myself a better person then wasting time going through those photos on the social media and making myself anxious. I want a life that is meaningful and purposeful. My 2019 resolution will definitely be focus on what I have and make the most of it.

The reflection of this assignment.

I bought Adobe Creative Clouds the day I first tried using Photoshop in class. I’ve never used Adobe software before, so everything was unfamiliar, yet exciting for me. For the outcome, I was thinking to make an actual magazine and then bind it, that’s why I wrote “go visit letterpress workshop”. But I thought this would be a great experience to teach myself how to use InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Lightroom.

The tough part was to understand the meaning of each word. There were so many terminology that I needed to work on. But by using the software everyday, I gradually got the rough idea of how it works. Also, the tutorials were helpful when no one can help me out. 90% of the layout were made in InDesign, and some line arts and graphics were from Illustrator. For the photos, of course, edited in Photoshop, but just a minor fix.

I will differently the process if I could do another layout. Combining printmaking and photography and print the pictures on plastic paper. I still want to see how the transparency will be like if the images are on something that is able to look through. Since this “transparency” theme used to be my first idea.


POSTCODE is the name of my magazine for the postcode assignment, and I just finished printing at the reprographic workshop after school today. The process was not smooth at all though, I went to ask how I could impose the pdf data of my magazine at the digital space, since I also wanted to have a booklet than just a presentation board. The lady in the office taught me how to set a bleed, the difference between saddle stitch and perfect bind and how to use After I had my imposed data, I printed out at the reprographic workshop, but then the technician there said it was done it in a wrong way.

This confused me even more, because I knew nothing about imposing, and the lady who thought me actually did not help, so not only I was unclear about how to explain what I want, the technicians there were also feeling the same way, and that made the process much more complex than it should be. I changed the settings again and again, after 4 times of printing, I finally figured out the exact way that I wanted. I summoned up my courage and asked other students about the printing problem and one guy showed me immediately on my laptop despite he had his own work to do. It is important to ask for help sometimes than having the same mistake again and again.  Instead of printing in separate pages, I tried spreads. Then the awkward gap in the middle of the photo disappeared!

I decided to have front and back cover on the same page so that it is easier to show as a presentation board

Postcode was one word

Some miner fix before printing on the heavy weight


After coming back from the digital space… it was because of the bleed…

Somehow the window frame was moved accidentally

All the proofs after printing at the reprographic workshop


For the front cover, I chose sage and white — this is from the colour palette of Notting Hill. The line art is an image of the soil that was over used for the brick making and pig farming industries. The combination of the wealthy, expansion of London and the background of this area can be seen in one page. As the blog post that I had posted, for me, Notting Hill is a place that is full of memories with my family, penpal, and my flatmates.

If I could do another design, I would try using plastic paper, and go visit the screen printing workshop. It was my first idea, but because the magazine has only 3 inner spreads, I thought it was better to have more content or picture than focusing on the material that I am using.


MIX magazine


There were several pages about colour trends from interior design to fashion in MIX magazine, issue 52, and on page90 Hush & Worth, I read a quote “Digital oversharing has led to a rethink on the importance of privacy. In this trend we found that secrecy is increasingly attractive, embracing the private rather than the public.”

In the digital era, we care too much about social media and everything seems to be unreal. Friendship is unreal, news, photos, images, information and many other things are just for more likes and followers, people do things for views, people act fake in front of the cameras…  I personally think that I should get out of the social media and have my own space a bit more.

I agree to the quote because oversharing information is unnecessary, and also dangerous if someone misuses the personal information. Think twice before posting or sharing the picture or any post, whether it is not abusing any others information or is it necessary to do it? Secrecy and maintaining silence are somehow attractive and that make people want to know about you more.

Postcode assignment

I’d like to share some idea development of my postcode assignment. My chosen postcode is W11, Notting Hill. A place that’s famous for its colourful houses. The reason I choose this area is because it is memorable for me. I visited there with my family and my penpal from Germany before the enrolment of London College of Communication.

I went to take some photos there, from the tube station to portobello market, before the the rain stops and after the sun came out. I then edited those pictures using Adobe Photoshop, printed out so that I can use it for making zine. I bought some plastic paper as the front cover because I wanted to have transparency as an element. Also bought some blue paper to match the colour of the line in the station. Glitter paper was an image of the rocky road of the market but it did’t match as I imagined. I cut out some of the paper so that people can see through like a window.