About the Toolbox assignment ;)

Hello again! How was your day today?

I would love to share the whole experience of the Toolbox assignment today. In the first 3 weeks, we separated into 5 groups to have our introduction in several workshops. After that, we started to think what or how we wanted to make for the outcome, so that each of us can have more focuses on the pathway that we want.  I thought I wanted to do photography, since this is why I am in the Screen Pathway, so I took quite a lot of photos and printed them out. However, at the same time, there was another part of me telling myself to try something that I am interested in. I had never tried it before, so at the time to make the decision of the final outcome, I chose letterpress, which belongs to the Design Pathway.

Before going to the workshop, I’d spent a few days drawing a small image, which is the one in the previous blog — the hidden C. I scanned my image and the technician helped me through out the whole thing, from making the image to a illustrator file. Additionally, she flipped it so that the laser cutter in the 3D workshop can easily cut out the black lines, on top of teaching me how to use the letterpress printer. I chose black ink with pure white paper first, but after printing 20 prints, I wanted something more exciting. Interested, I asked for silver ink with black paper and dark blue paper, and after printing both of them, the silver and blue combination was the best of all. Seeing the end result, I was satisfied and happy to see my image realised. Additionally, the other technicians in the workshops said they liked it as well! One of them told me that they are proud of me because I was the first student in this year that used the workshop properly, and made a nice print 🙂

This is just the first assignment, but I think I am now sure that I wanted to be in the Design Pathway rather than in the Screen Pathway. This is because I can explore more,  since I have only been in touch with photography. I want to try and experience more so that I can combine all the things that I’ve learnt in the future!

And here comes the photos!

laser cutting (2 press)

My laser cut image on MDF (a kind of wood but doesn’t have the problem of printing out the woody texture because it’s a smooth surface) with some fonts and furniture.

My work before cutting to an accurate A4 size.

Andrew helping me with the size of the paper.

From the left hand side: original drawing, the laser cut MDF board and the final outcome.

Shoutout to Klara and Andrew!!!! Thank you so much for the whole process:) Working with you two was such a pleasure! I believe, you will see me again soon!


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